Our Canvas, Your Wedding

What we offer:


  • We have the ability to accommodate 350 guests and have a parking lot located on our property.

  • We will be able to set-up and clean-up. This includes collecting garbage and taking it to the dump.

  • Our garden is available for photo opportunities, along with the hayfields.

  • We have a handcrafted dance floor available for use, which is 16ft*16ft.

  • Large chandeliers are located in the stone barn windows. During your event, both the window in the front and the back will be open.

  • Lights and chandeliers are located inside of the barn and on the outside.

  • We have an old buggy placed in the field, which looks exceptional with presents or flowers.

  • Hay bales are available for the ceremony with a thick material placed on top.

  • We offer several personalized wood signs, which begin at the road and continue on the property until the venue site. These are also spread out throughout the venue as labels and decorative pieces.

  • A 69’ Ford pickup truck can be used for the wedding party to enter the reception location. This working family heirloom also creates a perfect photo opportunity.

  • We offer a handmade oak branch arbor, which is located at the altar.  The Not so SHABBY CHICS can decorate it to the specific tastes of the bride and groom.

  • Multiple fire pits and firewood are available as the evening goes on. These will be tended on by the Gansberg family staff.

  • A marble top bar is located inside of the stone barn.

  • A walk-up outdoor grain bin bar will be located outside for bar and drink setup.

  • We have vintage furniture available to use. This includes vintage couches, chairs, and dressers that work perfectly for cakes, food, and drinks.

  • Our old wooden plank table will hold a total of 16 for a wedding party.

  • A sweetheart table is also available for brides and grooms.

  • We also have three old wooden tables for seating or holding food.

  • The wedding party will have access to vintage glasses to drink from.

  • There will be three large drink jars for lemonade, tea, and/or water etc. These will be made and maintained be The Not so SHABBY CHICS.

  • We offer multiple cake or dessert stands, chalkboards, and vintage suitcases. One suitcase will be made available with a small slot for wedding cards.

  • We have an old wooden ladder, and an old door for thank you photos or to be used as a photo booth backdrop, with vintage and western costumes.

  • Old books, bottles, wood rounds, deer sheds, etc. will be available for table decorations.

  • We have several wood stumps for seating or stands to hold candles, two vintage bikes to hold flowers and old metal buckets for flowers.

  • Metal buckets are also available for drinks along with an old wheelbarrow.

  • A hay wagon ride to the barn from the parking area will be offered. A six-seater Ranger is also used to give rides.

  • Two Santi hut bathrooms will be provided. One of which is handicap accessible.

  • The stone barn has a cement floor inside. It is not spacious enough to have all of the seating for guests, but a few tables can be set-up inside.  

  • There are three wine barrels with butcher block tops and two stools paired with each table.

  • Two stools are also located at the bar.




What you'll need:



  • Rentals: tables and chairs for guests, recommended tent for wind or rain, plates, silverware, and napkins.  

  • Vendors: Photographer, caterer,  baker, DJ, florist, etc. We're happy to provide our recommended list to you. 

  • You will also need to take care of drinks and ice (we can help with knowing how much ice because of past experience).  



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